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Hello All! Sorry for the delay. My husband returned home after being away for quite sometime so we took the past week to catch up and reunite with each other. He has now gone back to work and so must I (the blessing is that I love what I do).

For those of you who do not attend my church in New Bern, Cornerstone Assembly, our leadership likes to pick a topic for each month's sermons and teachings. The theme for the month of January has been "Focused." Philippians 3:13 reads, "But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead..." The apostle Paul, author of Philippians, shared with this church family that he did just one thing. He tells them that he forgot what was behind and pursued what was ahead. 
We all need Philippians 3:13 in our lives. 

Some of us need to hear the first portion of this verse, "... one thing I do...", because we have been spinning twenty plates above our heads and are about to lose control. We think …

Travel Light

Here we are nineteen days into a new year. I know, I know... you've already heard enough about resolutions to last you a life time (or at least another year). Well, the good news is that I don't actually want to talk about whether or not you should be making resolutions or even how to keep them. What I would like to discuss is this: "What have you brought into 2016 that should have stayed in 2015?"

In Genesis 31 Jacob,  the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham, decided to leave his father in law's land and move his family back to his homeland. Jacob had spent twenty years in Laban's fields working for the permission to marry Laban's daughters (Rachel and Leah) and earning his flock. Now he is ready to take all he has worked for and settle back in Abraham's country. Rachel and Leah packed all of their possessions and prepared their children for the journey. While Rachel was packing her tent, she added her family's idols to her sack. As Jacob led his…

Introducing Me

In a world filled with bloggers, I believe it is important to introduce and distinguish myself from the rest. 

A bit about the blog: 

This blog will focus on God's Word and how it applies to life. I want to share my thoughts and perspective on passages from the Bible, on a weekly basis, with you. It is my hope to partner with my local church, Cornerstone Assembly - New Bern, by tailoring some of my topics to those that we are discussing at church. Together, we will learn more about scripture and, also, how to apply it to our lives. 

A bit about the author:

First, I am not an expert. Never have been - never will be. I am simply a lover of Jesus who enjoys exploring His Word and uncovering truth. 

Second, I am not a professional. Writing is a skill I am working to perfect. Other than college courses, my work has not been reviewed by many people.

Third, I am not perfect. Each day I am growing, learning, and changing which means that I will not always do things right and I will not always l…