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He is not here, He is risen!

Happy Resurrection Sunday, friends! What a day to celebrate!
As I scroll through my social media page, I see countless smiles, families dressed in their best, enjoying this day we call Easter. It makes my heart happy to see the people of God enjoying the day that transformed our lives.
Granted, over two-thousand years ago the disciples were dressed a bit differently and were anxiously awaiting their fate. Some doubted whether or not Jesus would actually do as He said, and rise from the dead. Sure, He had the power to heal and free others, but could He actually be victorious over death?
We’re blessed because we know the end of the story, we know that Jesus did as He said and conquered death, and we know that He reigns victoriously in heaven waiting until God releases Him to catch us all away! This knowledge makes today the most exciting day on the church calendar!
Without today Christmas is pointless.
Without today Lent has no significance.
Without today Palm Sunday was just another tim…

Focus on Jesus - Part 1

Okay, confession time. I have been struggling with inspiration lately. I keep having ideas that end up in my writing journal but never in a word document. Yesterday, as I sat in my big comfy chair and stared out the window looking at the bright blue sky and cotton-shaped clouds, I settled on a thought. 

This week we should focus on Jesus. I'm sure you're thinking, “this is a Christian encouragement blog, of course we're going to focus on Jesus.” And you would be right to have that thought, but I mean this in a more specific way. This week we should focus on Jesus and the week leading up to His death. 

On the Christian calendar this week is known as “Holy Week.” It is the week when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem for the final time because He would spend this week being tried and killed. For all of us, this is the time that began the rest of our lives, because it was in this week that Jesus died and purchased our freedom from sin with His blood. But, I must stop because I am getti…

Job: An Example of Genuine Prayer

Hello Friends! 

A few weeks ago we looked at prayer and how we can use it in our daily routine. I hope that those few notes from Max Lucado were helpful and that you have found yourself spending more time (even if it was only a few extra minutes) talking with God.

This week I would like to continue with that thought and get a bit more personal.
Two of my dear friends and I have been working through the same one year Bible. Together, we completed the book of Job (the Bible we have chosen works through scripture chronologically). As I spoke with one of them recently, we shared our thoughts regarding Job. I was so encouraged by our conversation and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Many times we see one perspective of Job. He was a man who endured losing everything while staying faithful to God and in the end was rewarded with even greater blessings. To someone who has never read the book of Job, he comes across as bit of a spiritual “Superman.” This illustration of Job is not incorrect.…