Thursday, May 5, 2016


“Yet I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.” 1 Kings 19:18

Have you ever felt alone? I mean totally and completely alone. In a room filled with people, you felt like the only person. You lived on an island all by yourself. Due to your loneliness, your heart filled the empty space with worry and fear. Daily circumstances became impossible because you had to conquer them alone. All by yourself. No one to call. No one to help you. No one to talk to. Just you. Poor, pitiful, you.

There was a man in the Bible who went through a period in time where He felt just like you. He felt completely alone. If that was not difficult enough, his queen wanted him dead. So now, he was on the run all alone. He believed what his lonely heart told him. It would be better to give up and die.

This man’s name was Elijah. Just to brush up on the story, Elijah was one of the greatest prophets in Israel. God used him to do some pretty incredible miracles. At this point in the story he has just proven God’s superiority to the prophets of Baal, an idol. These false prophets experienced the full power of God before being slain for their idolatry. No big deal, right? Wrong. These prophets were employed by Queen Jezebel, who personally worshipped Baal. She was not pleased to hear that her men had been annihilated. Therefore, she sent a message to Elijah threatening his life. Due to the timing of this message, Elijah was not prepared to receive it. He felt alone. He felt abandoned. He felt vulnerable. He was scared. So like any normal person Elijah ran away. His plan was to curl up and die before Jezebel could find him. 

So what happened?

Well, after four attempts, God finally got Elijah’s attention. He sent wind, fire, and an earthquake outside of the cave Elijah was hiding in. Yet, God didn’t speak to Elijah through any of those phenomena. No, Elijah heard the voice of our Creator, soft and still. God told Elijah the plan He had for him. Elijah was to train the next great prophet of God, Elisha.
The last bit of news God tells Elijah is what leaped off the page for me. He says, “Yet I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”

What has Elijah’s problem been this entire time?

He’s felt alone. He felt as though he were the only one doing the work of the Lord and living righteously before Him. He was scared that Jezebel would find him and there would be no one to help.


God informs Elijah that he is not alone. God will leave seven thousand people of God in Israel. Elijah had not been alone and would not be alone. There were seven thousand people that had not bowed down to Baal or cowered before Jezebel and her threats. They would help Elijah. They would take God’s message to those who had been deceived. Best of all, Elijah was not alone.

Too often we believe the lie of our heart that we are alone. We’re here on earth slugging through the muck and mire all by ourselves. No one understands. No one cares. No one...

My friend, you are not alone. God left seven thousand in Israel and He has left people with you. They fill the seats of your local church and are called the body of Christ.

No, they are not perfect.

Yes, they might let you down.

No, they cannot read your mind.


They are God’s hands and feet extended to you. He has left them here to transform the world. That includes your life.

Do not walk through this life lonely. Not only is God with you each and every day, but also He has given you His church. Lean on them.

If you need help – ask.

If you need companionship – seek it out.

If you need support through grief or pain – allow them to love you.

No matter what you face, you are not alone. 

God has left millions here on earth that have not bowed their knees to Satan. They are with you.

If you don’t attend a church, please find one today. You need the church in order to survive. They are Christ’s body. With their hands they will hold you. With their hearts they will love you. With their feet they will support you. With their mouths they will train you. With their ears they will hear you.

If you attend a church but feel alone and without support, open your heart to the body around you. Do not be too proud to ask for what you need. Then receive it. You are not alone. Do not believe the lie.

Elijah almost lost everything because he believed the lie of his heart, but God rescued Him. He provided Elijah with support and hope.

God provides the same for you today through the church. There is support. There is hope.

You, my friend, are not alone.

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