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For Hearts Overwhelmed by Tragedy

I shared with you earlier in the year that the “one thing” I was going to focus on in 2016 was writing, which is what I believe God has asked me do. So I took to the keyboard and have tried (unsuccessfully at times) to write an encouraging blog once a week. The very year that I have focused on pursuing this calling has been a year drenched with tragedies – personal, national, and global – which have left me heart broken and sometimes afraid. In the midst of these moments I come to my corner, open the Bible, and hear the voice of God directing me through these difficult times. These thoughts I share with you.

Over the past few weeks our world has seen tragedy after tragedy. Our televisions scream headlines our way while our computers shout opinions at us. By the time we figure out how to respond to one incident, we are hammered by another. Many of us are running for the proverbial hills looking for a way out of the chaos. And some of us have lost sleep wondering about the state of our…